About Us 

TAZFIT emerged in 2009 to help people of any age or ability to improve their health through regular exercise and healthy eating habits, and forged from over 30 years of training experience. The occurrence of many health issues over the years is what became the driving force for creating something to help our community. Whatever your excuse may be, these health issues are partly due to a poorly managed lifestyle. Good health should always be your number one priority.

One of the major issues is being overweight. Approximately 20-25% of Australian children are overweight and if this continues into adulthood, our health system may not be able to cater for the associated health risks caused from this condition. 

TAZFIT aims to provide both safe and effective training both indoors and outdoors. Whether you are planning for a wedding, training for a particular sporting event, wanting to shed some kilos, build confidence, get fitter or simply need the motivation to get started, then TAZFIT is for you.

You are never to young, old, unfit, immobile, unconfident, or busy to seek our qualified professional support to help you for the long term. All TAZFIT Instructors (TI's) are fully qualified, certified and professional. This is evident through an additional testing criteria designed by Dan on top of their certifications and background, to ensure consistency of the TAZFIT protocols. This must be passed to reach TI status.

We look forward to helping you on your journey.

Dan Lemoto (Director of TAZFIT) >

 Level III Registered Exercise Professional      Fitness Australia

TAZFIT is operated by Elite Athlete Dan Lemoto who has competed at State, National and International Competition, represented Northern Australia, Australia and Defence, and holds Age Records in Tasmania, (Certificate IV Fitness, Advanced Bootcamp Instructor, ATFCA Level II, L2 Intermediate Coach (AA), Punchfit Trainer, Stretch Teacher, Senior First Aid Level II Workplace, CPR Certified, ASC Presenter, Member of Defence, Certificate in Nutritional Psychology, Certificate in Sports Nutrition, Ba.Commerce) and has been training consistently for the last 30 years in various sporting disciplines.

Dan is also the founder of the Hobart Running Academy which specialises in teaching people to run correctly and faster.

Dan is renowned for his unparalleled depth of knowledge and passion within the health & fitness industry which sets the foundation for designing the right plan for each individual. He educates and supports his clients as well as the community through regular fitness articles featured in the local newspaper.

"Nothing is hard, it just takes time"